Jenny’s Story

Young People’s Health & Wellbeing fund in memory of Molly Hurst

Personal Story

The following personal story has been provided by a client who has been involved with DHYP’s wellbeing service over the last 12 months. It is entirely in her own words.

The wellbeing project has been funded by South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation through a fund set up in memory of Molly Hurst who took her own life in 2017, aged 22. Molly’s parents set up the fund to help other young people struggling with their mental health, as Molly had been.

Through the project, we have provided counselling to help clients address issues in their lives, while also supporting them to make lasting changes in order to improve their long-term wellbeing. The client refers to SH in her personal story – SH is Stephanie Hobson, the Project Worker in DHYP, who led on the delivery of this project.

“I’ve been coming to DHYP’s counselling for quite a while now and started counselling with SH. Throughout this time, I have done a lot of self-harming behaviours, substance mis-use and even suicide attempts. I hit rock bottom multiple times but there every week without fail I got the opportunity to talk it out with SH. Talking it out is what helps me to realise where I go wrong or even what is wrong when sometimes I don’t know myself. I’ve had some right family drama relationship issues; even went through some abuse but somehow SH could still keep up with it.  I look back now and it scares me what it was like, what I was like. Then we started doing the wellbeing walks, we did Lakeside, Cusworth Hall and Potteric Carr.  This showed me, especially Lakeside how easy it is to do and how good it makes you feel (I go to Lakeside at least once a week now!!)

Luckily things turned round, I struggled with BPD things were “all good or all bad” – all or nothing sort of thing. 

I finally started to find my middle ground and now I meditate and exercise instead of being involved with drama and drugs. Also applied for an access course for counselling in September and a 10 week evening induction course for counselling in April suggested by SH. I don’t know who’s going to read this but to put it short I went to hell and back and was so lucky to have this help throughout. You can tell that the care is there and seriously big up SH awesome at her job. We need a zillion more of her in the area!! I’m getting out the other side of it now finally. Thanks for reading and thanks for the opportunity for the support.”

When Molly’s parents set up the fund, her mother, Linda, wrote:

“If we can prevent anyone else from experiencing a loss like ours, we will have achieved our purpose.”