Jane’s Story

Jane was 21 and living in temporary accommodation when she approached DHYP for support.

Jane’s situation

Jane was:

  • Faced with nowhere to live and worried about where to go
  • Experiencing mental ill health, for which she was on medication
  • Self-harming
  • Unemployed
  • In debt to a former landlord
  • Lonely and isolated, with very low confidence and self-esteem

What we did:

  • We talked with Jane to discuss the areas she needed support with and jointly agreed a support plan with her
  • We suggested that living in supported lodgings would be the best short-term housing solution and arranged a place for her
  • We helped Jane switch to a more local GP in order to support her recovery
  • We arranged a volunteering opportunity to help her gain experience of the workplace and develop skills and confidence
  • We helped Jane produce a CV and apply for employment


  • Jane moved into supported lodgings where she was much happier
  • She felt far less isolated, more confident and more optimistic about her future
  • She reduced her medication and felt much healthier
  • She stopped self harming
  • Through her volunteering with DHYP, Jane obtained a qualification in food hygiene and developed a range of workplace skills
  • She obtained paid employment
  • She paid off her former landlord debt and learned how to budget and successfully manage her money
  • After 18 months, Jane made the transition to independent living

Wider benefits

  • As Jane was working, she was much less reliant on welfare benefits
  • Jane had less call on the health and social care services in Doncaster
  • Jane has continued to volunteer for DHYP, using her own experience to support other vulnerable young people in Doncaster, so helping reduce the call they themselves make on local services