Annual Review 2019

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I have pleasure in presenting our annual review for 2019.

This is a period of significant uncertainty for the country and a challenging period for local government which faces increased demand for services at a time of reduced income and increasing costs. It is therefore essential that organisations across Doncaster work as effectively as possible, pulling together to address the needs of those people who require our support.

The Voluntary, Community and Faith sector has a key role to play in supporting vulnerable groups and we are proud of the difference DHYP continues to make to young people in Doncaster who need our support. Our work is vital and supports the priorities set out in the Doncaster Growing Together strategy, including support for vulnerable residents and supporting people to develop skills to access employment.

During 2018-19, we supported around 400 young people aged 16-25 who were at risk of homelessness or inadequately housed. As well as housing-related support, we provide a range of services concerned with wellbeing and opportunity, giving young people the opportunity to develop new skills and build confidence so that they can fulfil their own unique potential.

While we provide support to many young people, we also get a huge amount back from those people such as through volunteering, help with shaping our services and participation in selection and recruitment. During the course of the year, clients took part in a number of external consultations, contributing to South Yorkshire Foundation’s Vital Signs publication and to research by Sheffield Hallam University into the experiences of young homeless women. 

I hope you enjoy reading the report
Amanda Poxton, Chair of DHYP