24housing Awards 2018

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Without exception, the thing we are most proud of is the transformation that we achieve in the lives of young people. This goes to the very heart of our purpose as an organisation and is what drives everything we do.

In late 2018 we also received national recognition for our services through the 24Housing Awards in which we were Highly Commended in the category “Care and Support Provider of the Year”. This was a very proud moment for the organisation.

The award was based, in particular, on the way we had supported a young homeless man, called Danyal, who was sleeping rough in a tent and who we helped find a place in a supported housing project for people with mental ill health. On the day Danyal got the keys to his supported housing flat, his sense of despair had been replaced with hope and optimism and he was unrecognisable from the person that had walked into our building 6 weeks earlier.

Danyal had fallen through crack after crack in terms of statutory and non-statutory services, but we were able to successfully reach and support him, helping him to a brighter future.